Our Rules

• Barbless hooks only

• All anglers must have a suitable unhooking mat and landing net per person suitable for the size of fish they wish to catch (20" minimum). No keep nets unless in an  agreed match

• Bank sticks to be pushed into the grass or lake side to protect the swims (not in the swim or screwed into the wood)

• No tackle is to be left unattended at any time, owners do so at their own risk

• No braid lines to be used (main or hook link)

• Method feeders must not be fixed (free running)

• No fly fishing

• No bait boats

• All fish must be returned to the water after capture immediately (No fish to be killed or taken away from the fishery- this is stealing and you will be prosecuted) Fish should be treated with a dedicated carp antiseptic treatment such as kryston’s "Klin-ik" or the Korda care kits, these can be used on any minor cuts, or sores that may be present on the fish – keep away from the eyes

• Do not handle fish with towels, this may cause damage to the fish and do not stand with fish - please keep them low to the ground for photos

• All anglers to fish from designated numbered platform

• Banned baits: live, nuts, cat/dog food, floating baits (surface fishing) and lures

• Take all litter, unused bait and discarded line home with you

• Do not swim or wade in the lake

• Dogs, radios, fires/BBQ’s, alcohol, ball games, cycling, running are not permitted around the lake

• Please show courtesy and respect to fellow anglers and our fish

• Please use the toilet located at the stable block (not your swim)

• Please pay bailiff in attendance who may check your valid EA rod licence


In order to keep our fish in top condition regular checks will be made to hooks, rigs and equipment being used, if you are unsure please ask the bailiff